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Never one to pass up a free book, most of which come via my parents, I have an ever growing “to be read” pile that is currently tottering at an alarming level. So, lest it fall over and kill someone I’ve started to work through it.

Now, I should explain that I have two ‘sets’ of books that I’ve yet to read. There are the neatly “placed on bookshelf” classics — Don Quixote, Count of Monte Cristo etcetera etcetera — and the the other “piled wherever I can find space” books which are typically more modern and on bestseller lists. What can I say, I’m a book whore. I’ll read anything.

And so it was that I found myself reading an awfully pedestrian, badly written thriller called The Righteous Men by Sam Bourne. No link as I’d hate anyone to buy it. Labelled as… wait for it… yup, the “The Next Dan Brown” (their capitals not mine), it was, quite simply, rubbish. I’ve had more thrills waiting for a bus. I won’t bother you with any more detail than that, my only advice is DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!

However, the odd thing is that I still read the damn thing from start to finish, only skimming over the boring bits.

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It’s one of ‘those’ emails that will be forwarded round the world time and again, so a word of warning..

It’s subject line is “READ FIRST”, and begins “This actually happened last week in Atlanta.” It features some very, very graphic pics of.. well you’ll get the jist from the email, but not all of it.

It’s quite disturbing seeing someone’s head ripped off you know. So thank you to Dianne for sending it to me. Luckily breakfast had been digested.

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The internet is a wonderful thing, it has removed boundaries, and connected the world. Three cheers for Tim Berners Lee!!

Or perhaps not…

I was looking through some of my rants on here, and was quite shocked to find how quickly I had forgotten the incidents and issues I was so vehemently spouting about. Well, forgotten isn’t really the right word, but the issues had certainly slipped to the back of my mind (which I must clear out soon).

So what is this an indication of? My lack of integrity and true morals? Probably. But I think, or maybe want to believe, that there is another answer.

How many emails do you READ a day? How many news sites do you visit, on whatever topic? Information overload? The internet moves so fast, with new information coming so fast you feel cheated in your favourite “obscure 70’s Arcade games” website hasn’t updated it’s news for one day. I’m conscious that I spend too much time on the PC, and far too much time on the Internet – which is costing me a fortune, let me tell you Americans, you’ve got it easy! – and I am beginning to realise that my attention span is, well, is it decreasing? or is it ravenous for more?

The thought of sitting down to read a book seems almost prehistoric. Novels don’t contain the latest version of the wonderful shell you’ve been raving about, do they?

Pretty soon, something you thought about last week, seems like last month, and events creep past you, barely registering. Yesterday’s news is now last hour’s news. Scary.

I hope that future generations will remember to interact with the world outside their PCs (yes, there is one), keep a good sense of right and wrong, and remember past mistakes. I’m part of the first generation not affected by World War 2, and it seems so long ago now, especially in a new century, but we mustn’t forget. Now what we need is a global repository, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, listing the atrocities, and reminding future generations of what can happen.

Dammit, I hate it when my brain does that to me…

And I think I’ll leave the back of my mind alone, I had a quick look and, frankly, I don’t want to go back…


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