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Alec Salmond, for it was the self-same leader of the SNP who was visiting our offices yesterday, is a man of varying sizes. I know this to be true because whilst I feel he looks taller and thinner in the flesh than he appears on-screen (the place where politicians live), a colleague thought he looked shorter and fatter. Who’d be a politician, eh?


Budget day today. The only thing that will really have any impact on me will be the now standard rise in diesel prices. If the gap between petrol and diesel rises any further then there will be no point in owning a diesel car, the advantage of increased “miles per gallon” (kilometres per litre) will be wiped out.

I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing though, maybe I should be more concerned with the emissions side of things. Yes I’m sure I should.

Which brings me to something I was pondering as I idled alongside a big flashy sports car yesterday, namely, would I buy one?

A scenario: A lottery win or large inheritance falls in your lap. You can afford anything you desire and more. Would you still buy a luxury sports car?

If so, should you also buy several hundred acres of land and plant a sustainable forest to balance your ‘carbon footprint’? Where is the ethical line?


And finally it’s the Spring Equinox today. Spring is poised to be sprung.

Or is it? Given the obvious effects of global warming (like many, I was scraping ice off my car this morning), shouldn’t we move the seasons accordingly. It sure as hell FEELS like it’s still winter!


The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Excellent. A simple enough story, about a husband who randomly time travels and his wife, which takes you through their relationship and various events in their life and not once stoops to patronise or indulge itself. Once you get used to the format — every chapter starts with the date and age in which the two main characters appear — the story flows well and is suprisingly gripping and moving.

I’m pretty sure this was a recommendation, and it was only after I was halfway through it that I realised that it was, deservedly, on bestseller lists. At times the book leaps along, dragging you through time and dumping you slap bang in the middle of a situation, and other times it takes a soft approach and almost moves you to tears.

In turn I’ll recommend this, hugely original and well written, book. If you want something a little different for taking on your holidays, something that remains easy to read yet FEELS a lot smarter than it looks (if that makes any sense) then get yourself a copy.

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