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Xmas shopping. Jeepers. Watched Hannibal, and The Beach. Hannibal was OK… was a more ‘traditional’ thriller, but again Hopkins excels as Lecter. Julianne Moore was good, but didn’t bring the same vulnerable side of Starling into play much. The Beach was… OK… but so far detached from the book that I can understand why a lot of people didn’t like it. I think it was a bit soft, and too ‘Hollywood’. The love interest wasn’t required as the book isn’t about that at all, and Mister Duck was sadly absent from most of the film. Had potential, failed to deliver. That aside a quiet weekend, honed my skills further on Gran Turismo A-Spec in preparation for a matchup. The Big Chuffer actually thinks he will beat me!! Muwhahahahaha..


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Happy Birthday to the Big Chuffer! I hope the coming year is as good as the last one.

Stirling was OK. Hungover. Still. Bummer. Mind you at least I didn’t run ‘over’ a car… tut tut tut… LOL.

Holiday in a week’s time. A week of no work. In fact probably a week of not much at all. Might try and do some exercise, and I’ll be making the most of the last few days of the 24/7 internet access. Hey, I might even get the re-design finished, and start on… ohhh what’s the point. I might do SomeTHiNG, I might not.


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