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My best mate is handing in his notice today and is off to startup his own company. I’d tell you what it is but I’m not 100% sure and it’s very specialised so I doubt you’d need his services anyway. He works in the Lighting industry (as in concert/stadium/T in the Park) and does clever things with computerised lighting design.

Ohh look, I did manage to tell you.

I’ll be giving him a hand with some web stuff soon, so more on that later.

As it’s Friday, it’s time to look ahead to the weekend. The slightly longer than normally weekend for me as I’ve taken Monday off (we don’t get Bank Holidays as standard).

First up, cakes this morning. Then the pub tonight, soft drinks only for me though as I’ve got to pick the car up at the station.

Saturday morning we head into Glasgow to buy birthday pressies, probably meet my Mum for lunch, and then head out to the west end for an afternoon/night of drinking. We are starting in Jinty McGinty’s. If you see me, say hi!

Of course this means that Sunday is a complete write off for me (I’ll no doubt be shouting at Uncle Huey), but my darling wife doesn’t get hangovers, so I’ll spend the day in bed and get her to cut the grass 😉

And Monday, lovely wonderful Monday. We have plans to drive through to Loch Lomond and check the in-laws caravan is OK, maybe give it a quick clean and airing in preparation for their ‘holiday’ next month, and then take the long route home. Wherever that may take us. Must try and remember my camera this time.

And you dear reader, what plans have you?

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Ahhh I just love bank holidays. Getting up early, having the entire train carriage to yourself and then being one of only two people (so far) in the office. Yes, I get so much work done when other people aren’t about.

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It’s a bit like standing at the top of a cliff with a parachute. Or maybe that pause at the top of a rollercoaster ride. You can just about see what is coming, but it’s really difficult to anticipate exactly when, and exactly what you are heading for, but either way you know it’s gonna be scary and exciting at the same time. Loads of work on the way, new projects kicking off left right and centre (center?).

Easter weekend soon, looking after nieces and nephews (2 of each) on Saturday, so it’ll be a fun day in the car, sitting in traffic, in queues… this is why I don’t take Bank Holidays off work – no point, all I do is get wound up!

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