How to raise a man

Reading time: 4 mins Man up, sit downChin up, pipe downSocks up, don’t cryDrink up, don’t whine“Grow some balls,” he said“Grow some balls” The maskOf masculinityIs a maskA mask that’s wearing meThe mask, the mask, the mask Samaritans by Idles We want Jack to be kind, considerate, and thoughtful. We want him to be present, to live a happy […]

Jack is 1

Reading time: 2 mins Hey kiddo, Somehow, although I’m not quite sure how, it’s been a year since your Mum and I spent all night in hospital waiting for you to arrive. One year since we met you, this tiny little boy who was chomping away on the towel he came wrapped in, one year since your first feed […]

The First Father’s Day

Reading time: 2 mins It was Father’s Day a few weeks ago in the UK. I wanted to capture my thoughts, it’s just taken me a while… My first one as a Dad, with all the emotions that brings with it. Every single day I tell my son I love him and Father’s Day was no different. It’s part […]

Welcoming Jack

Reading time: 2 mins Hello Jack, my son, You arrived early, but safely, and the last few weeks we’ve been getting to know you, figuring out your needs and wants, and mostly just gazing at you in utter adoration. You seem to be settling into life well, and I think your Mum and I are doing a pretty good […]