Went the weather.

F  l i   c  k e   r went the lights.

Satellite box turned itself off, and off went the PC too (just in case).

Quite a nice evening was had reading books.

UPDATE: I wasn’t the only one enjoying the storm.


I love pistachios. I like sitting at a bar, watching the drops of condensation race down the glass —Last one to the beermat’s a loser!— Fingertips prising the shells open, before the creamy green nut reveals itself. I like that some of them are tricky to get open, fingernails to the fore. I like the act of tossing the shells aside. I like the flavour, I like the texture. But yeah, mostly I like the fact you have to work for them a little.

Except when you are trying to read a book. Then the wee buggers all turn out to be the ones that require two hands to open, presuming you can get them open at all! And that’s not to mention the flakes of shell they leave behind, trapped between the pages forever more.

Tasty though.

(And yes, technically they are a seed, not a nut)


Such a lovely fresh morning, the air scrubbed clean by the thunderstorm last night. Couple that with a an unexpected email or two last night and my mood is veritably soaring. AND it’s Friday. How good is that?!


Thanks to everyone who answered my question yesterday. I guess I should take a bash at answering it myself eh?

Firstly I think it’s a bit daft to go back in time without allowing yourself the benefit of hindsight. But then that presumes, to a degree, that you would like the opporchancity to change something about your life. A decision, a moment, missed perhaps? Something you’d have done differently? I guess it’s easy to think that, knowing what you know now, you’d go back and do X, Y or even Q differently (aye, she was a bonnie lass was Q). Is your answer more a reflection of your current situation and your whether you are happy or not? For that matter, what IS happiness? Ohhh boy. Better not head down that philisophical path. Not today.

If you choose NOT to “go back” then you can justify this by saying that your past has made you the person you are today and you are quite happy thankeweverymuch. Good for you, I say. However, I do think you are missing out, aren’t you even a teeny tiny bit curious to see how you would have turned out if just one teeny tiny decision had been made differently? Not even an ickle wickle little bit?

Me? I’d take hindsight with me and go back to being 17. Or 20.


And finally a big Happy Birthday to my sister!

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