Quick one today, things to do, people to see.. etc etc.

Despite my recent plaudits First Scotrail aren’t happy to rest on their wotsits and have updated their notification system to include further updates on a set timescale. So, I can ask for an email to be sent to my work address with any problems of the evening train home AND then have text messages sent to my phone for the next 20 minutes after that in case of any late breaking issues. Top stuff indeed.

I really must get along to one of their “meet the manager” sessions and congratulate them in person, although I’m sure my post will have been sent round and they are all patting themselves on the back already.


One personal bug-bear of mine is bad communication, and of course this has come back to bite me in the bum as it seems that I’ve been the cause of some “tension” over on Scottish Blogs. My reply to a slew of emails and comments over the past months is on the site now. Hopefully it’s little more than a storm in a teacup.


I’m not sure what type of tree it is that lines the path outside my office window but it’s suddenly started showing the first hints of green. The bark is a dark grey colour at the moment, slick and wet with rain, with tiny light green shoots vividly bursting forth. Spring has sprung, so can we stop with the snow and hailstones please…


I need some tips to improve my memory. Last night Louise and I had a wonderfully surreal conversation about.. um… something… and whilst I can remember thinking “must blog that” I can’t actually remember what we were talking about. I’d rather not become some sort of notepad-wielding blog-psycho, jotting down every encounter and conversation in the vague hope it may be interesting or humourous, yet I fear that may become my only option.

On the other hand, I’ve seen books that promise to IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY IN… err… a few days I think it said… See. Hopeless.

Suggestions please!

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