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Last week was a struggle, this week and the blogging vista has opened up before me and lain all and any subject placid at my feet. My gaze falters across the landscape, flickering from topic to topic, each one as intriguing as the next.

Bugger that though, here’s a some quick thoughts on a variety of themes.

Firstly a quick thank you… “Thank you”… to those who have taken the time to offer the world the opening lines of their books. So generous. My favourite, so far, is probably John’s “The last person on earth sat alone in the empty house. Suddenly the doorbell rang … “. Although it does ring slightly Gaiman or Pratchett-esque… I do hope it’s original! πŸ˜‰


Who do you think will win the Booker? And do you care?


This evening I’ll be spending some time wandering around a large dark area filled with dead people, namely Glasgow’s Necropolis.

“The Necropolis embodies Glasgow at the height of its power as the Second City of the British Empire. The engineers, iron founders, inventors, ship builders, locomotive makers, scientists, factory owners, business people and overseas agents of Victorian Glasgow are buried here. Their monuments were designed by the architects and sculptors who built the city, such as Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The Necropolis was the first ornamental or garden cemetery in Scotland, and among the first in Britain. Its landscape represents a new way of commemorating the dead, which was derived from the famous Père Lachaise in Paris. However, the Necropolis is also home to many thousands of ordinary Glaswegians, who were buried without headstones.”

Should be quite interesting. More on that later.


Saturday afternoon found me standing at the kitchen sink with a bowl of soapy water and my iPod Nano in hand. Whilst I was somewhat wary of bringing soapy water and the iPod into close proximity, I managed to fit it with an Invisible Shield. It was pretty simple to install, the instructions on the site are excellent (once you find them!) and they even link to another site showing the process and which has some good photos of the end result.

Final result looks good, feels a little different but works fine. They also do screens for other products and I’d suggest you have a look at their website for the full range. Ohh and the lifetime guarantee and free shipping is pretty nice too!


Question: Hands up if you would pay me to re-design your site. Just curious as I’m doing a couple of sites at the moment and wondering if I need to “market” myself a little more… but then would I have the time to do the work? Should I make time to do the work? COULD I do the work full time?? Pondering pondering.


Enough of me, how are you? Good weekend?

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