Hot Coffee

We have a drinks vending machine at work. It spews out hot beverages it claims resemble various types of coffee, americano, expresso, cappuchino and the like. Personally I wonder if a mug of lightly warmed sewage would taste better (not willing to test that theory though…). Thankfully we also have a kettle.

We DO have a proper filter coffee machine as well. It’s a £2 week job and I joined in for a while but, and I’ve covered this before, being first in in the mornings meant I got to clean it every day. The novelty soon waned.

So I drink whatever the supplied instant coffee is, usually Nescafe or a supermarket equivalent (I can’t tell the difference). However for the past couple of weeks it’s been Kenco and the difference is notable, so it is with some sorrow that I noticed the jar is getting empty, a replacement will be bought. Fingers crossed.

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