Anyone know of a free UK based service that will allow the receiving of a fax on the web or via email? One time only need, not urgent.


Sun dances. You’ve all heard of rain dances and can picture native american indians (or red indians as we used to call them) dancing round in circles, knees lifted high, arms raised, chanting “heyy ya hooo ya heyy ya hoo yaa” (so THAT’S where Outkast got that song from…), but is there an equivalent dance to bring out the sun? And if I can convince 40,000 people to do it on Saturday, will it work?


Currently listening to Foo Fighters, 22-20s, Brian Eno, James Blunt, Ambulance Ltd, Jamie Lidell with a mix of Feeder, Zutons and R.E.M. thrown in. Reviews to follow.


Louise’s parents land back in Scotland on Sunday, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them!


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