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Ahh yes, feeling better already, and I didn’t even make it outside.. yet.. just heading out now.

But before that some news that has had me worrying for… ohh .. minutes at least.

Yes I’ll admit that my desire to whore my blog, and my need for validation made me nominate myself for this years Big Blogger. Well the voting is in and I’VE BEEN PICKED!!!!

Naturally I don’t expect to win, the calibre of the other contestants is quite high, almost two inches I think, and anyway it’s not the taking part that counts it’s the winning in style. I have absolutely NO idea what to expect over the coming week(s). But consider yourselves forewarned.

Now, where’s that nurses outfit…

UPDATE: Apparently it’s to run for 7 weeks, which takes me through my holiday, presuming of course I don’t get voted out early (as if!!). Any suggestions on tactics for staying in? Should I bare all (er… that’d probably earn me an instant eviction mind you… I said EVICTION you dirty minded perverts), try and be everybody’s friend, start some fights? Who knows.

One thing I do know is that I’ll be sharing the first few days with the following, a couple of sites new to me, but that’s partly why I joined!
Grocerjack – Grocerjack’s World
JonnyB – JonnyB’s Secret Diary
Mr Hair – Mr Hair of London’s exemplary gentleman’s periodical.
Miss Mish – Drama Queen, Fag-Hag, JAP
Mike – Trouble Diva
Girl – Girl with a one-track mind
Vitriolica – she has a webbs’ ite
Nick Barlow – What you can get away with
Zoe – My Boyfriend is a Twat
Dr Rob – Dr Rob’s Day
Peter – Naked Blog
NML – Tired of Men
Clair –
Vicus Scurra – Kaliyuga Kronicles

And me. Obviously. Quite a mixed bunch.

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