Let’s put that nonsense to one side, shall we? Back to the matters at hand. Has the Pope died yet?


News on my Gran – it’s looking like she’ll get home tomorrow with a three week care package in place. The idea being that this gives time to arrange the next step, presumably into sheltered housing. By coincidence the physiotherapist who has been helping treat my Gran was friends with Jennie so at least we know the information we are getting is accurate.


According to we could be paying less for our gas and electricity so that’s one of my tasks for today. Another is finish that post about diversity in blogging, and yet another is to find a good online tutorial on still life photography. Suggestions?

I’ll be working again this weekend so I’ll be hauling out some draft posts, dusting them down and pushing them, blinking, into the light. I MAY have mixed my metaphors there.

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