Well it didn’t make much of a ripple (storm in a teacup) but it seems the British Blogs Top Ten has already called it a day. Oh well, I don’t think I’d have even scrapped into the top 100 but then I don’t actually care.

Although I will fess up and confirm that I have, as of yesterday, got Sitemeter tracking hits. I’ve used Extreme Tracking for ages, mainly for the referrers (hit counts are so transitory, you know?) and already can see a huge difference in the numbers.

Right at this moment Sitemeter is reporting exactly DOUBLE the amount of unique visits to my site. That’s quite a difference. Of course I also have access to web stats as provided by my fantastically lovely hosting company, 34sp, but as I can’t make them public (can I?) there is little point discussing them. In fact I hardly ever check them, too much hassle to get to the details.

Anyway, one thing British Blogs Top Ten (BBTT) has achieved is to bring some other British Blogs to my attention, a couple of them are now on my “auditioning” blogroll but I’d imagine they’ll make it over into the public one pretty soon. I guess the anonymous person behind BBTT will be happy about that as it was one of the stated aims of the site. However I think it’s safe to assume that it was an idea borne from good that just wasn’t really that well thought out (er.. that’s supposed to be a compliment, honest!). Kudos to him/her for doing it though, guess someone had to try.

It seems that Tim Worstall has picked up the baton and has started publishing a BritBlog Roundup, which might be worth keeping an eye on, or of course you can stick with the tried and tested Updated UKBlogs list.