Not sure exactly what is was but I caught the end of some ‘environmental’ segment on BBC News this morning. A family had undertaken several pledges to try and improve their energy use, they’d lagged pipes, insulated the loft, realised that turning off electrical appliances would save them money, even installed a few solar panels to help with the heating costs. Aside from the last item nothing particularly ground-breaking really.

I should pause at this point and tell you that the family in question were living, I deduced, somewhere in the South East of England, a London suburb most probably (from the house style and accent if you must know, not hugely reliable).

Their final pledge was to investigate an alternative source of fuel for their car. The lady of the house informed us that, whilst she had written to Range Rover, they unfortunately did not have plans to offer an LPG (gas*) conversion kit.

That’s for the Range Rover. In the suburbs.

P.S. If anyone saw the full piece please feel free to correct me.