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Eek. Haven’t done this. Or that. Said I do that but didn’t. Want to do that but haven’t.

I’m blaming the weather. No! The changing of the clocks. I’ll blame that. Things just haven’t been the same since I switched my bedside alarm clock for that damn cuckoo clock…

I’m struggling here, can’t you tell? Let me think… real life. What’s been happening? Well I’ve narrowed down the contenders for my skin rash to two options. One – Sanex bubble bath. Two – bleach. Louise mentioned that she’d cleaned the bath the day before I had a long soak, and as the skin is now peeling…

Ohhh and my tingly toe is back, and I’m now convinced it’s toenail related. It eases if I pull the toenail up and away from the side that is tingling. Doctor’s appointment made though, just in case, but it’s not for another week so I’ll have to time to try some home remedies. Namely soaking the toenail and easing it up and away from the nerve it’s currently scissoring towards.

Hmmm what else?

Is it bad to have a bottle of Southern Comfort on your desk? I was, very generously, given it as thanks for proof-reading a friends dissertation. I have two bottles of it at home as well. I think my New Year resolution will be to find another tipple.

Is it bad to have a bottle of Southern Comfort on your desk and be toying with having a sly drink during the day?

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