Bosom Buddies

Making new friends can be tricky, it depends a lot on the circumstances of your initial meeting, or the shared company you keep, or whatever it was that brought you together.

Take, for example, my new friend. Well acquaintance is probably more accurate. In saying that, I guess it would be fairer still to say that “woman who gets the same train as me” is entirely more accurate again. However it is possible to create a bond with someone like her, sometimes it can take the simplest… er… event.

A couple of nights ago, heading home from work, I boarded the train, took my seat, skipped forward a few tracks for something more suitable and settled back to doze my way home. The train, as ever, was busy and I was thankfully to get a seat. I closed my eyes and in that same moment felt someone, or something, tap me on the shoulder. I jerked my head around to see what it was and found myself staring down the top of a fairly well endowed woman. She had just stooped to put her bag on the floor next to me, catching me on the shoulder with it on the way down (the bag, not her “endowment”).

I very quickly turned to face front again, blushing every so slightly, and determined to avoid her gaze. A few stops later she moved to a seat behind me, sparing my blushes.

Then last night, as I glanced up the platform I spotted her again. In the same instant she turned, our eyes met and I’m sure I caught a flicker of a smile before she turned away. Rumbled.

As it happens, she lives in Hamilton too, or at least gets off at the same station as I do. Louise picks me up from the station each evening and I pointed her out:

“That’s her.”
“Ohhh I see what you mean, nice boobs.”

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