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It’s been a long time since I was exposed to drugs in any form to be honest. There was a lot of it floating around, past and through me at college/uni (I’m never sure which as I started at a poly and ended at a uni), all types, sizes and strengths (and I only heard of one OD which is probably something notable) but since then it’s been largely absent bar the occasional wiff of joint here and a sighting of a tab there. So to be plunged back into that kind of environment took me a couple of hours to get my head around.

The one obvious thing, of course, and something I’d largely forgotten was how harmless drugs render a lot of people. Not all people and not all drugs but the large majority were quite happy to lie on the grass and get stoned, or wander around and share stories, jokes, and the music, with any and all passing strangers.

The people that were constantly hassling others, causing trouble and generally acting like dickheads were the ones drinking copious amounts of Tennents and, without wanting to stereotype but realising that stereotypes are born from necessity, were wearing tracksuits, burberry caps and white trainers.

Over the weekend I lost count of the number of times I was bumped into, and that I bumped into others. Most times a quick turn of the head, a murmured word, even a hand raised in apology was enough. Even when I had to forcibly shove someone upright as they fell into me, all I was met with was an almost embarassed apology “Sorry pal, …they magic mushrooms man… sorry mate… fuckin’ great they are but..”.

Minutes later and I do the same to stop a couple of passing lads, both looking in the opposite direction to where they are heading, walking straight through the girl standing next to me and I’m met with growls and threats because “Who the fuck do you think you are pushing ya dickhead”. Thankfully I’m a lot calmer in my ‘old’ age and I shrug and turn my back on them letting further insults and threats bounce harmlessly off my skin, but still tensed in anticipation of trouble.

At times I wished I could take some politicians round and show them.

Of course the other side of all that blissed out happiness is the dealers and the violence and all that goes with an illegal trade. But surely that only adds to the argument. Legalise the sale of marijuana and that side of things should disappear, leaving the customers of the drug to exist in their own little world of contented space(d).

P.S. The photos are almost ready but I was too tired to post them last night. I’ll do it later this evening. I just KNOW you can’t wait…

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