OK, last word about last night’s game. Portugal had a shot that was cleared off (or behind?) the line last night. Funnily enough I don’t see any mention of it, and we didn’t see it on reply after the game. Just saying…

Headers – no not the physical type. I mean the web type… the bit above here.

I spent sometime yesterday doing a little research as I’m looking to change mine for my ‘coming soon’ redesign, but I can’t figure out which way to go. There is the plain, sans-serif font look. The script/hand written font look, or the big graphical banner, logo and site title look.

I really like the first two, simple and effective, but I do feel the header I currently have could do with sprucing up a little, and everytime I try I end up wanting to add a graphic to it. Still not sure which way to go.

Anyway, it’ll be quiet here this weekend. Not only have I had to postpone any gardening whatsoever over the last three days (thank you Scottish summer!) but we’ve not been through to Dumbarton for ages, and my brother-in-law has finally had his kitchen fitted (only took 8 months, if you are considering buying from MFI make sure they actually HAVE all the pieces of your kitchen in stock before agreeing dates and ripping your old kitchen out!). So I guess a wee trip through is warranted.

Note to self: remember to pick up a stake. Corkscrew willow fell over in the gales.

Hopefully, next time you visit it look a bit different here. Ciao!