Bit of a dodgy topic this one, so stick with me.

Tonight, whilst watching the football (yes yes I KNOW!) I’ll be… wait for it… supporting Portugal. In as much a way anyone of ‘neutral observer’ can support a team that is.

Now, this is NOT because they are playing England. No. It is because they are the host nation and I think it keeps the excitement going a bit if they win. I’ve said before, and I’ll say again that France are my team, have been since I was 14 (vague memories of Platini, Tigana and Papin…).

Anyway, this leads on nicely to a bit of a bug-bear, and I know I’m not alone in this.

England. No not the country, nor the people.. well not the vast majority of people anyway. Just the select few who don’t know what England is, where it stops and why singing Rule Britannia is wrong (Britannia was composed of England and Wales).

I’ll be honest, it’s amusing that when the football rolls around the commentators take all of two minutes to mention 1966 (for the game against Switzerland they mentioned it before a ball was kicked!). I’ll quite happily concede that if/when Scotland ever win the World Cup we’ll do exactly the same… roll on 2006!

It’s that whole British vs English thing that gets me. Most notably in athletics where past glories, Alan Wells, Liz McColgan etc, were heralded as great achivements for Britain. Heroic failures of the Scottish athletes within the British team were made clear.

It’s an annoyance, and yes I know England are the largest country in the ‘union’ but I do sometimes get fedup with the “we are bigger than you so shut up and stop bothering us” attitude.

P.S. Don’t worry I know YOU lot are OK, it’s just the rest of them that piss me off.