Bit of a busy week coming up, mainly because it’s Louise’s birthday (21.. +10…).

Thankfully I’ve got a few days off work, and I’m hoping to divide my time between several things that I’ve been needing to get done:

1. Properly weed the mono-block – our driveway is part mono-blocked but the large conifer tree (since removed) has pushed up all the mono-blocking to leave gaps in which there are loads of weeds.

2. Garden step – I’ve got the slabs, and the bricks so I guess I’d better build the damn thing.

3. Tidy the ‘office’ – paperwork everywhere, a lot of it not needed anymore, so a clearout is in order.

4. Scottish Blogs – ongoing maintenance and implement/fix a few features.

5. Redesign here – it’s coming…

So I might be a bit quiet next week as, despite having a couple of PC related tasks I don’t wanna spend too much time sitting on my backside.