Derren Brown was at it again last night with his televised séance. He has done public séances before as part of his stage show, and fully admits that they are mocked and he is simply showing how easy it is to fake these things.

Still damn clever though, even if it is using simple techniques of suggestion. Now we did figure out that the grid of photos was, basically, mathematics, and of course we don’t know what information he knew about the 12 students he chose to participate – presumably enough to manipulate one of them to enter room G7. The rest of it he explained – the wine glass on a oujia board moves because you push it, even if you don’t realise you are pushing it – but he nicely left some things unexplained to add to the mystery. I’m guessing these were the things that are completely trick/fraud based, rather than anything that relies on mental manipulation.

Clever bloke that. I wonder what he’s really like?

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