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First we heard that an abortion will be seen on TV for the first time, now we hear that Christopher Alder’s death will be shown tonight.

Christopher Alder, 37, died at Queens Gardens Police Station, Hull, in April 1998.
An inquest concluded Mr Alder, who had been arrested for breach of the peace, was unlawfully killed.
In the criminal trial that followed, all five officers were cleared of manslaughter and misconduct in a public office.

I don’t watch much TV to be honest, and no doubt I’ll miss this programme tonight but I fear that these kinds of programmes are leading us further down a path of… well I’m not sure ‘of’ what.

Sex sells, and we have it continually pushed down our throats. Graphic imagery is more widely available than before – just buy any ‘lads’ magazine like FHM or Loaded and not only do you get several pages of pneumatic blondes but frequently the latest ‘gross out’ pictures that are doing the email rounds. We seem to be developing into a society where even the most horrific images are no longer shocking.

Dulled by television and the internet, everything is fake and we can no longer tell the difference.

Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve fallen prey of this creeping phenomenon, and no doubt there are studies of it being conducted as I type, and no doubt that study will come up with a “No shit, Sherlock” conclusion. We’ll all laugh and point and forget instantly about it. However the mere fact that these types of studies are being conducted and are suggesting ‘cures’ that we all seem to know and agree on suggests to me that, whilst we KNOW what is best for us, we sure as hell ain’t DOING it.

I’m going to stop there as I’ve disappeared into the blackhole that is my own logical reasoning. If I emerge I’ll update this…

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