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Today is not Thursday. Today is meeting day. I will return at some point, until then I give you the following. It was culled from a mailing list and seems to be equally valid for those who indulge in this world we call ‘blog’.

You are in a large lecture hall… the speaker is boring, or off-topic, or offends you, or is speaking about something you don’t understand. Since you are an adult, you can choose how you react:

1. Jump up on the podium and beat the speaker with the microphone.
2. Complain to the manager of the lecture hall.
3. Wait for the Q&A session, then ask the speaker a pertinent question.
4. Research the speaker’s topic and think about it for a while. There, you just learned something new.
5. Ignore the speaker and talk to the people next to you. Hey, the stuffed chicken is not too bad, and look! You can order drinks here!
6. Wait quietly for the next speaker. After all, the lecture was free, and you can’t expect to be happy with every topic.
7. Leave the lecture hall and come back later.
8. Leave the lecture hall and never come back.

All those for option 1!

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