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The Oscars
I’ll be honest. I’m not sure why she does it. She doesn’t do it every year either. Odd. Either way, she went to bed at 10.30pm and got up at 1.00am to watch the Oscars. She said it was good. Well it was good except for the BBC coverage with ‘that bloke who did the comedy thing in the car’ (that’ll be Rob Bryden), Alistair MacGowan and Ronnie Ancona who seemingly waffled on about nothing everytime they went back to the studio (everytime there was an advert presumably). She hasn’t said much else about it, but as she didn’t come back to bed until about 5.30am I can hardly blame her. Me? I may well watch the ‘repeated highlights’ to be shown at 10.35pm tonight (although as it’s the first time the ‘highlights’ have been shown – as opposed to the entire ceremony – why are they claiming that they are repeated?).

29th February
After wittering on about the fact it was a leap year and we had an extra day here is what I did with it… emm… hang on.. I’m thinking… watched the Carling Cup (well done Middlesbrough!) .. did a little work on the PC…

OK, I didn’t do much of anything. In my defence I didn’t sleep at all well on Saturday night, and had a dodgy stomach all day Sunday.

Still it seems that plenty of other people marked the occasion in some way or another.

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