Blank canvas

A big empty white space.

That’s it. All I’ve got. As far as I can get. So many things are flittering about in my head but I can’t grasp one long enough to form a coherent thought around it (or even OF it…).

Blunkett’s latest immigration laws. The Pelamis energy convertor ‘wave power machine’. The sickening pictures of George W smooozing his way onto stage as he launches his campaign for re-election (although the fact that he is starting it early is a good sign… running scared I hope). Obscene profits by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Then there’s real life. A friend going through a hard time. A general malaise descending on everything. Professional stagnancy. Waiting on payday on Friday. Heating knackered again. Car needing a service.

And I think I’m coming down with something, which is probably why even typing this much has left me drained.

Of course it’s only now that I realise I shouldn’t have scoffed the last of the Chelsea Whoppers last night. Dammit.

Ohh and I’ll expect you all to have tried that Crimson Room puzzle (linked in the Miniblog on the right) by tomorrow.