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Design-wise I’m a minimalist. I like clean edges, simple straight colours, lack of clutter. My watch is probably a good indication, and I’ve even researched how to use this approach for technical writing (my day job – an interesting article this one, applicable to much more than writing technical documentation). Web design also tends towards to minimalism, although it is shifting slightly as functionality increases (like any good product should).

One well known designer in this area is Arne Jacobsen (there are others), if you’ve never heard of him, just think of the egg chairs in the film 2001, or perhaps St. Catherine’s College.

IKEA too has done it’s bit promoting the ideals of minimalism (although we seem to have a lot more stuff since we started shopping there) and it has a good team of designers, yes shopping there is a pain, but that’s only because it is so popular.

Ideally I think I need to find some sort of fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian design, both are similar in style despite having radically different histories. Ohh to be able to attend the Stockholm Furniture Fair, or do I need to get out more?

So, what prompted all this? These pictures of the SAS Radisson Royal. I stayed there when I was in Copenhagen a couple of years ago, and don’t have any pictures of it… I spent about an hour wandering around the hotel the night I arrived (my room overlooked Tivoli but I never got there). I remember every detail of the corridors, the lobby, and the room itself. It felt so comfortable being there.

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