Working from home has bonuses, I’m finally making in-roads to a business case I’ve been at for the past two weeks and getting some peace and quiet to read some specifications (yawn), it also means I’m not spreading germs about the place… yes that annoying phlegm has ganged together to become a cold.. how nice…

Downside is the impromptu meetings and conversations you miss meaning I’ll spend Monday morning wondering what everyone is talking about.

Other things ‘to be done’:

  • Recovering my music files from iTunes ‘reorganisation’.
  • Reworking existing playlists (and adding a few more)
  • Hospital Radio Lennox re-design (as I’m getting content for it now)
  • Scottish Blogs re-design – aiming for more of a directory with the webring taking a back seat I think… think… suggestions welcomed..
  • Myowncdrom re-design – never was happy with that version.. but then I didn’t really design it…
  • Tidy this office (it’s a pit!)

Just as well we don’t plan on going far this weekend.

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