Stroppy? Me?

I’m not the most patient man. I enjoy shopping at my speed which varies on the task at hand, if I’m browsing for me then I can take all day, but if I have a LIST then get the hell outta my road!

Watched some NBA this morning then went shopping. Shopping of the Christmas variety. Now we are genuinely pretty good at this, and as has become custom, we go for coffee at Cafe Crema (best coffee shop in Hamilton, if not West of Scotland), compile our hit list for the day and head off. This year we are still unsure what to get some people so we are doing a bit off the cuff.

This isn’t helping me at all. I think I’ve related my tale of shouting at a ‘lady’ in Milton Keynes shopping centre, and today was pretty similar. Ohhh except today I had a headache as well.

Truth be told I was pretty well behaved today, only a few loudly spoken “Excuse me!!” and a couple of muttered “stupid place to stand…” passed my lips.

So I’m quite looking forward to tonight, chilling out at my brother-in-laws for dinner. Although I think I’m driving which.. well, let’s just say that I could do with a drink!