Brass Monkeys

Cripes, all of a sudden it’s gotten cold.

And all of a sudden four of our radiators have stopped working. Well not completely but they aren’t hot, kinda lukewarm in parts.

I’ve tried bleeding them, but no air trapped in any of them. The pump is running fine (the back bedroom radiator upstairs is roasty-toasty), and I’ve tried turning the boiler on and off to see if that helps. We also spent about 10 minutes thwacking the radiators in an effort to clear any possible blockages.

So before I spend my weekend dismantling and flushing out radiators, any other suggestions?

Ohh and of course there is the bathroom floor to lay, the sealant to… seal, and the final coat on the back of the door…

AND Scotland are playing Holland.

AND we’ve got borrowed DVDs to watch (four of), not to mention six episodes of Charmed (for Louise), three Smallville and two Friends…

AND a wedding reception to go to on Saturday night.

So I guess I’ll see y’all on Monday. Have a good one.

Of course I’ll probably end up posting something Saturday and Sunday but I always like to leave a little disclaimer… don’t want to upset the natives…