The party

As promised.

We arrived early, to help the hostess set things up, and to start drinking as early as possible of course. We got there about 8pm, and were greeted at the door. The host and hostess had pretty much everything done, so we posed for photos and started drinking. I was going to wear a mask with my costume but decided not to…

As with any party, there are lots of silly moments, tales and discussions to recall, but none of them will really make much sense if you were there. In fact I was there, and have no idea why this happened, other than she did it to herself. Thankfully nothing got out of hand, but we were safe as there were a couple of nurses in attendance.

Of course, as with all parties, it ended up in the kitchen.. and the hall, and the living room, and the bedroom… In fact I don’t think I’ve seen as many people in a one-bedroom flat, very impressive!

We got home around 5:30 a.m. so I’m told. I feel asleep around 4 a.m. so missed that last hour or so… but all in all a great night. Now I’m off to review the rest of the pics (a couple of which certainly AREN’T getting posted here!)

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