Did you see it? Concorde yesterday?

If you did, can you let me know? Despite sitting down in front of the telly, balancing the laptop precariously on my knees, and being tuned to the BBC. I missed it!!!

I have a bit of tendency to get caught up in what I’m doing (at that time, calculating how many change requests we’ve had per project release) and completely blot out everything else.

It’s fine at home, unless I’m wanting to watch Concorde’s last ever arrival of course, but is a bit of a problem at work. Maybe I need a ‘Do not disturb’ hat like one of the developers had at my last place. He didn’t wear it often but you knew not to go near him or he’d likely chew your arm off and beat you to death with the soggy end.

So I missed a historical occasion. Oops.

In other news, Jez is back so I won’t be ‘guesting’ there any more. I’ve packed my bags, said adieu to Chateau Jez, hopped on a taxi and headed for Diva Towers where I will be making the occasional appearance in the coming week.

I’ve an idea what I’ll be posting about over at Mike’s but not 100% sure if I’ll go with my original idea, or my backup plan … although considering I don’t yet have a backup plan I might be a bit stuck… hmmmm

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