2 to go

2 weeks today I’ll be at the Fracture clinic to be ‘assessed’. Regardless I’ll be telling them to get this bloody resin cast off my leg as it is slowly driving me mad.

Of course there is an upside, although as Louise hasn’t yet allowed me to get a little bell so I can summon her when I want something (my toe scratched, the blinds titled 0.5 of a degree…), I’m pretty sure I’m not getting the most out of my enforced immobility.

In other exciting news, I’m finally getting around to reading the latest Harry Potter – The Order of the Phoenix. I’ve read the others and this one is following the same theme (boy goes to school, does magic, gets into trouble and no doubt saves the day at the end although not quite as there are two books left to go). The only problem is that I know who dies already.

I can thank my friend Susan for that. Sitting at a party she tagged into the end of the conversation in which I’d mentioned that I’d STILL to read the latest Harry Potter, but she obviously didn’t hear me say that as her opening remark was “Ohhh I couldn’t believe xxxxxxx died!”.

Cue perfectly timed comic silence before she realised what she’d just done. Bless her though, she felt really bad about it. Just as well I’m not a big fan!

Ohh and while I remember, people of Glasgow pay attention: Matrix Reloaded at IMAX. I’ll see you there!