Consistency lacking

A short while before I went on holiday I downloaded (again) w.bloggar and a little plugin that allowed me to add which track was currently swirling round my head. Of course for this to work I need to use w.bloggar exclusively when posting and, obviously, I’ve not been.

It’s almost like my life in microcosm, and reminds me that this blog is, above all else, about me and ‘of’ me. I get bored with new things quickly, marvelling in gadgets and gizmos but casting them aside after the inital excitement has died down. Everytime I do that I remind myself that I shouldn’t and next time I won’t… then the next time rolls around and I do exactly the same.

It also reflects my diverse (odd) range of interests, and whilst I realise I’m not alone in that aspect I do sometimes worry that I am a jack of all trades, master of none. There is no topic I would claim to know everything (or at the very least – most) about. Fellow sufferers of this affliction will confirm that it frequently reminds you that, once again, you aren’t the best at anything. Not good if you are of competitive nature.

Further proof of this lies in the forthcoming game of basketball we have arranged at work. It’s my specialist sport and yet have already found out that one the opposing team has certificates! (It’s a mixed sex game with people at work).

This is the life of “Mr.Slightly-above-average”, once known as “that-kid-must-do-better”.

Christ, that was depressing. I’m actually in quite a good mood (if slightly hungry).

Listening to: The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues