Weekend looms

Tomorrow: Head to Loch Lomond for a ‘wee jaunt’ on my friends boat. Then back to his house for a BBQ. Hangover expected on…

Sunday: drive to Edinburgh airport to pickup sister-in-law and two of her kids. She’s leaving the other two in Spain (with her parents). Then dinner at brother-in-laws (possibly).

And still got shelves and towel rail to put up in the bathroom…. hmmm

Also need to get Car Tax, hire a 70s outfit for a party a week on Saturday, and finish rebuilding my old PC for my nephew.

It’s no wonder I’m knackered come Monday morning (ohh yes and another BBQ on Monday night too for a friend’s birthday.. ).

Some pics will ensue (and possibly a quick posting from the middle of Loch Lomond if my phone gets a signal out there).

Phew. What are you up to?