Royally pissed off

Wanted to mention the sad deaths of the co-joined twins.
Wanted to have fun with the man who has just come out of a coma and still thinks it’s 1984.
Wanted to discuss a possible Agony Uncle column for the Blogathon (as I’ve not had any suggestions from anyone else).

Instead, I’m pissed off. Fucking pissed off as a matter of fact. I don’t talk about work on here much, but one thing I have said before is that I HATE office politics and as a team lead I try to avoid them at all costs but I know I have to deal with them now and again.

This is one of those ‘now’ moments. Although it has more to do with professional courtesy, and … ohh loads of other stuff I don’t wanna mention here.

Sidenote: Do you feel the need to be validated, reassured, praised now and again? Made to feel of value? Or is it just me?


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