Too early

Been here since 7.30 a.m.

Although it is good to get a change of schedule now and again, and it was fun on the train as I had new people to watch. Aren’t we a funny bunch, from the man picking his nose who only seemed to remember he was on a train when he removed his finger from his mouth (and yes I watched the whole thing in horrified “ohh he’s not really gonna….” mode), to the attractive lady sitting across the aisle from me who was definitely eyeing me up (until I realised that the sun was getting in her eyes so she had turned to get out of the sun, NOT to face me).

Ohh and to the lady with the dyed hair, don’t worry, we weren’t embarassed when your bag slipped off your shoulder halfway up the stairs on the way out of the station, well we were embarassed for you, as it’s contents tumbled back down the stairs, but honestly don’t worry about it, we’ve all seen Tampax before.

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