Writing to reach… me..

Vaughan is thinking out loud about ‘widening’ his target area to allow more personal scope to make it easier for him to write.

Thinking back this is exactly how I started this site and, if anything, the scope has been limited more and more since. The propensity of family and work colleagues reading this site has increased and I’ve become more and more wary about writing about me. Yet when I started it was ALL about me, my site, my thoughts, my life in microscopic detail.

Most people (bloggers or not) need some form of catharsis from time to time. Out with the old, in with the new (ish). Maybe THAT’S what I need to do with my site, rather than worry about the details of the design, I need to concentrate on me, and the notion of what I see as ‘my’ site. For example, it don’t dwell on music much despite it being a huge part of my life, and the ‘line’ I used to have that limited the exposure of friends and family is dwindling (should I consult them about this…?).

It seems it is a time of reflection for many, and a continuation of same for most. That’s the beauty of life I guess, it’s always differently familiar.

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