Where did the weekend go?

OK, this may become a common theme. We spent the day preparing for the next few weeks. Got a lot done, some of which I can’t mention as it is a surprise for someone who may read this (nyah nyah na nah nah), although I didn’t get my grass cut, that’ll be the priority tomorrow methinks. We have our youngest niece and nephew (Mark and Megan) staying over tonight and we’ve just finished watching Lilo & Stitch. My in-laws are coming over tomorrow to pick them up and drop off our eldest niece, Joanne, who is staying over tomorrow night. Unfortunately I’m back to work on Monday, but Louise and Joanne will be going through to Dumbarton as it is my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday on Tuesday (and she doesn’t look a day older than 59… tee hee, sorry Grace).

Which reminds me, what do the following all have in common?:
1. My mother-in-law’s 60th birthday.
2. My mother-in-law retires.
3. Louise’s grandfather’s 80th.
4. My in-laws emigrating to the South of Spain.
5. Our godson’s 1st communion.
6. My sister’s 22nd birthday.
7. One of our best friend’s wedding where Louise is the only bridesmaid.
8. Our 9 year engagement anniversary (yeah yeah I know, but we like to remember it…)

Answer: They all happen in the next 5 weeks.

You’ll forgive me if I go a little crazy from time to time won’t you, for example I was seriously considering cutting the grass about half an hour ago despite the fact that is is dark…