Raisin and Biscuit

I hate Yorkies. Well let’s just say that after receiving my sixth Yorkie Easter Egg when I was a lad you began to think (even at age 8) is there more to life than this? Is it all just chunky chocolate? Whatever happened to milkybars? Caramacs? Where’s my Fruit & Nut!

However I am loving the current Yorkie advertising campaign, which they are now taking a step further:Yorkie gets even more sexist (via VodkaBird).

It’s good to see all that PC rubbish finally being knocked on the head.
Yes, yes it’s not ALL rubbish, I’m merely referring to the overtly PC rubbish that we all know and hate.

Anyway, nothing beats a Raisin and Biscuit Yorkie. There, that’s the record straight.

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