Tops of the Pops 4
Troubled-Diva’s quest for the Top Pop Decade continues.

Once again I’m faced with deciding who finishes last, first. Only then can I place number 4, and then 3, then have to worry about 2 and 1. As has been mentioned, one thing this ‘experiment’ is showing is how crap the majority (so far) of pop music is… anyway, on to today’s voting:
1. Free – Wishing Well: I can see a 70’s rock thing developing here, but hey I knew about that anyway (for example, I’m listening to Cream – White Room at this very moment)
2. Daniel Bedingfield – If you’re not the one: Not mad keen on this when it came out but it has grown and grown on me, and my whole opinion of Mr.Bedingfield has changed. He’s now, officially, OK in my book.
3. Maureen Evans – Like I do. As the man himself notes, the melody is very familiar (although I don’t remember the track he mentions, I do know of it…)
4. Snap! – Exterminate. Awful and only fourth because of…
5. Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes – Up where we belong. Joe, Joe, Joe. What on earth were you thinking? My dislike of this track is proportional to the number of times I had to play it on the Request Show I used to host on hospital radio. Elton John’s Sacrifice and that damn Lady in Red were the other two ‘most-requested’ week after week after week after….