Searching for words
At lunchtime today I will be going shopping. I will be buying a ‘joke’ gift. I should stress that I am buying it for someone else.

Thing is I’m worried about how to phrase my request, which do you think:

  • Can I have a plastic poo please?
  • Can I have a fake turd?
  • Can I have a joke jobbie?
  • [insert other colloquialism for faeces]

What a quandary.

Ohh yes, I should explain why, shouldn’t I… well.. bear with me please…

Seemingly, in South Africa, for a bridal shower it is traditional for the bride to receive kitchen utensils. When she gets the present she has to guess what it is before opening it, if she gets it wrong she has to drink from the potty (filled with wine I hope). The brides mother (who works with Louise) thought it would be funny to put a plastic poo in the potty for a laugh…

Yes I think that’s what I was told… and no, I don’t know if I am being wound up or not.

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