Scottish heroes
You know, we should be damn proud of our nation, we’ve given a LOT to the rest of the world.
Why the sudden patriotism? Well Scotblog asks who we think could be a definitive national hero?

I had a few suggestions…

  • Sir William Arrol – builder of Tay and Forth Rail bridges
  • John Logie Baird – surely the BBC owe him something 😉
  • Alexander Graham Bell – or we wouldn’t be on the internet at all!
  • Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane – they named a city after him
  • Robert Dinwiddie – Grandfather of the USA.. maybe not…
  • Sir Alexander Fleming – I’m healthy, are you?
  • Sir Thomas Telford – built a bridge over the atlantic

And that’s just the ones I think of right now. Hmmmm…