Things I need to do
1. Package up DVD player to go back (since it has developed a rather annoying, if very slight, colour flicker)
2. Double check all the sites in the Scottish Blogs Webring to ensure their IDs are correct (I know of a couple which aren’t right now)
3. Go to dentist (tomorrow)
4. Write up tonight’s film (“I Spy“, in short, inoffensive but don’t waste your money)
5. Stop mentioning “galactic toss monkeys” or even just the singular “galactic toss monkey” (God, I’m SUCH a google-whore…)
6. Burn some mix CDs (making sure I get Gary Jules – Mad World on one)
7. Create a blogroll of the member sites of Scottish Blogs (the benefits of being a contributor)
8. Watch the Alien movies (borrowed all 4 and no I haven’t ever seen them)
9. Get the car taxed (Yipes, I’ve just remembered that one)
10. Ohh that re-design thingy… dammit I knew I should’ve kept that one quiet
11. Plan the weekend (STILL to see Chicago, The Pianist, City of God, About Schmidt and Spider – and wanna see The Two Towers again if possible)
12. Fit 5 days work into the 3 remaining days of this week.
13. You STILL reading? Don’t think I’ve got better things to do with my time than finish this list?
14. STOP staring at my new lavalamp (how did I survive without this?)
15. Figure out why the Blogger Pro payment page won’t let me pay (I really wanna too)
16. Go to bed.

Ahh the last one is easiest, will start there I think.

[Update] 17. Backup My Documents folder (haven’t done any backups for a while)