My memory sucks
All day I’ve been thinking “Ohhh must jot that down” or “I wonder if anyone else thinks that..” and so I thought I’d type up some of those thoughts and share them with you. But I can’t. They’ve disappeared.

Only one I can vaguely remember was a rant about the elderly, specifically the ‘wee old women’ that ramble on about how the youth of today have no respect or manners, more specifically the old bat that nicked our table at lunchtime today. I was standing making sure Louise could find me (we were in a shopping centre and she was across the concourse) and I had my bags perched on a chair. I turn round to sit down and there’s one of those ‘sweet’ little old woman, deftly ignoring my glare as she starts removing her lunch from her tray. I tell you, if I had had a different upbringing I might well have throttled the old bag.

Do not mess with me when I am slightly hungover, have been dragged round a shopping centre that was further away than I thought, and I am dying to get my lunch.

Needless to say all I did was snort loudly (cos that’s the code we use isn’t it? some sort of ‘I’m very displeased but cos I’m British I can’t say anything’ noise) and lurched off to find another table.

Hmmm, seems I remembered most of that though… still can’t remember the name of the Scottish artist whose prints I spotted while out, some lovely photography… Colin something or other…

Anyway, house warming party tonight, possibly cinema tomorrow, or possibly a day loafing about the house, would be the first of the year so it’s long overdue!

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