Gulp, take a deep breath
OK, I’ve gone and done it. After months, nay, years of procrastinating I’ve finally done ‘something’ for this little thing we call blog. Now I’ll be honest I’m not sure how this will go, I’ll drive it as hard as I can (so a few of you out there can expect an email from me soon) but it’s really down to you lot. Well you lot that qualify anyway.

[Drum roll]

Ladeezzz and Gennlemenn!! I hearby announce the grand opening of the Scottish Blogs Webring!

To qualify you either have to be of Scottish descent, or currently reside in Scotland. Simple eh… Now I know some of you don’t like Webrings so I’ll understand if you don’t join but for the rest of you Scottish Bloggers: Join the Scottish Blogs WebRing.

[Sits back and waits in anticipation for someone, anyone, to sign up… ]

If you have any problems gimme a shout and I’ll sort it out for you.

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