Popped up to the shop for lunch and on the way back two police horses (and riders obviously) were walking up the street. Which made me smile (which was nice…).

Out for beer tonight with a couple of mates, one of whom I haven’t seen for… ohh about a year? Hey, it’s not like he was the best man at my wedding or anything… 😉

And our car needs MORE work done to it. Seemingly the garage weren’t happy taking £350 from us two weeks ago, they want another £70 for something else. So on Monday I will drop my wife at work, hightail it back to the garage, make my way home via taxi (ankle isn’t quite up to hiking up the hill we live on), work at home and wait for the car to get fixed. I just wish I hadn’t noticed that the tyres are getting close to the legal minimum. That’ll be another £150 or so I guess… sigh…

Ohh and I MUST remember and book the first week in December off work. I have a list of DIY jobs to do round the house before Xmas arrives. You know how it is, gotta have the place all ship-shape in case the Queen pops round.

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