Russian Roulette
Did anyone else catch this rather bizarre celebrity gameshow last night? I only saw the last 15-20 minutes of it but I did like the idea. Cached page from Google.

Briefly: Line up six celebrities on six circles (top down view like the chamber of a six-shooter), ask them general knowledge questions, and when one gets it wrong you activate the russian roulette. At random one of the chambers opens and the celebrity plummets out of the show.

From what I saw there were some very nervous celebrities*, crapping themselves lest they were the one that lost out (and looked stupid compared to the others) but all the money went to charity so it was good on two counts.

*I use the term celebrities advisedly, mainly soap actors and the like, B list? C list?

(Aside: I’ve discovered that I can’t type the word Russian. I can type the word Russion though, not sure when that’ll come in handy…)

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