To The Terrifi-cave!!
Note: This post is stolen from Blogatelle without permission. Sorry, too good to pass up (sorry Stacy).

My brain just won’t wrap around the fact that this is a true story, not satire, not a parody.

Here are the facts:

  • Woman dresses in superhero costume to protect drunk women from themselves and strangers.
  • Woman calls herself Terrifica, claims to be a separate entity from her real self, Sarah.
  • Woman created Terrifica after a bad break-up and move to NYC.
  • Woman has been doing this for seven years.
  • Woman has a suave and debonair unemployed nemesis (who likes to dress in velvet and ply the ladies with liquor) by the name of Fantastico.

(For UK readers – anyone else now got ‘Scorchio!’ in their heads? Bet you do now…)