Web access at work
Rather ironically I give you this article about web access at work.
“More and more workers are going online while on the job. Is it time for companies to restrict this privilege, or loosen the leash to keep employees happy?”

Our company is quite relaxed about this, and I have to agree with one of the statements: “companies are becoming more understanding about personal Web use as they acknowledge that employees are working longer hours and from home as well”.

My take on this issue is quite simple. I am a professional. I take pride in doing the best job I can. Yes, I use the internet for research and yes I use it for personal use. I am also confident that my productivity, efficiency (how did we keep update with new technologies BEFORE the internet?), and quality of my work has improved. I would think it is very much a case of acting like a professional and expecting to be treated the same way. Of course this can’t and doesn’t always apply, but such is the way of things.

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