The past remembered
I was reminiscing with a friend today on the way home from work. We chatted about school pranks, and mis-doings, and, I’m quite glad to say, the mood has invaded my evening.

Musically I was finding Scottish bands around this time, The Humpff Family, The Silencers, Love & Money, The Kevin McDermott Orchestra and the like.

So it was to these bands I turned this evening, starting with the latter’s ‘Bedazzled’ album. Curious Daylight evoking memories of long lost loves, Hole in the Ground transporting me back to my bedroom as a teenager. Then onto Love & Money – Dogs in the Traffic. Looking for Angeline whisks me back to Dumbarton Common in the Winter, my new personal CD player in my pocket, melodies singing in my ear.

The Silencers – Blues for Buddha, and Scottish Rain, glorious, moving, evoking deep memories of laughter and happiness with friends gone and friends present.

I’m smiling.

And I’ll be re-jigging the CDs in the car in the morning (Martin Stephenson anyone?)